ice, ice and MORE ice
little pinch
Tuesday, well, sucked. Lots of ice. Lots of sliding and slipping. Though at least Miracle didn't pull on the leash. But considering when walking her and Topaz I almost fell a few hundred times, decided to not walk Rome. Felt kinda bad about it, but with how things were covered in ice, figured it was safer. I didn't manage to convince either dog to go to the corner until the nighttime. Went to help out Liz in the evening though for a bit. Talked to Regan about her laptop, and then talked to David and then talked to Regan some more. And talked to Melanie at night. Also found out that Miracle is skeered of the sound of breaking ice and glass. She shook like a leaf most of the night. Stupid leaf kept waking me up.

Wednesday yet more ice had come. I hate freezing rain at night. The plus side to the cold weather is I have a 60lb heat source in the form of Miracle since she believes she is a lapdog. Stayed inside unless I was walking Miracle or taking Topaz out. Oh, and went to Lizs for a few hours. Talked to David a couple of times. Squeeness! Also gotta talk to Melanie and Jess online. Amazing, hehehe.

Thursday since it was nicer out, some of the ice is melted, decided it was safe to walk Rome. Just a 20minute walk but we had fun. Found out Julie, a lady who loves Rome and is friends with Tori, is also helping out with him. He jumps sometimes to say hi to people he knows. We also passed by Bingo, a Lab/Pit mix being walked by his kids. Rome did really well. Stayed on loosh leash and only stood up after Bingo barked at him. Woot!! Loved on the dogs when we got home. Went over to Lizs again. Actaully was able to walk Miracle for more than a block. We walked around John Burroughs, yay! Good for both of us. Doing nothing cept internet stuff. Talk to Jess.

Friday am going to Petco, we'll see how Miracle does in a crowd. Might be going to Pearls of Wisdom with Liz. Will hoping talking to Melanie and David. Saturday hoping will see David. Sunday hang with Josh in afternoon. Hide away during SuperBowl. Ta!

little pinch
Ack! Tuesday walked Ralph. Headed to the shelter a bit later and walked Layla and then Rome. Found out Tori has a friend in Upper Arlington, so maybe. ~shrugs~ Walked Ralph again then went to Davids afterwards. Went to the thrift store and than to Kroger. He worked on his computer for a bit. Sleep was kinda early for us. Wednesday woke up and went to walk Ralph. Missed a text that Lisa was sick and therefore I didn't need to walk him, but oh well. Spent the rest of Wednesday with David. Napped even.

Thursday walked Ralph, Layla, Rome, and Ralph again. Showered then Liz called so went over there for about an hour. After she left I left and called Cori. John picked me up and Cori and I hung out until she went to bed. David called me around 2am and we talked for a bit. Friday took Cori to the doctors. Found out I do not like parking garages, though I like driving. Probably will take Cori again a couple Fridays this month. We gotta rest for a bit at home before we took JT to Ronnies. Went home after we picked John up from work. Watched Smackdown and TNA and talked to Melanie.

Saturday went to Old Navy and Steak-n-Shake with Sarah. Haven't sene her in a couple of years and haven't hung out with her since, oh, junior high. Gotta love facebook a little bit, just for that. Gotta keep an eye out for pits or dobies at the shelter for her. Went to Davids and we chilled. Watched a bit of Soap. Had some fun. Sunday ate most of the food in the house, hehe. Fun and went shopping.

Monday didn't do much of anything. Not walking Ralph for a month, hes staying with someone since Lisa has to travel a lot. Sigh. Miracle got her around 6:15pm. Took her around Westgate. Gotta say hi to Dallas on the way back. Showered. Took a book back to the library. Walked Topaz. Watched Raw. Hoping to talk to David.

Tuesday might walk Layla and Rome, depends if we get the ice storm or not. Hoping to get the cell phone charger back from John and Coris house. Might see David. Wednesday gonna see Liz, might also go downtown for state house thingie to get pit bulls off of Ohios viscious dog list. Ta!

Catch up
little pinch
Thursday got ride to Ralph and Rome. Rome did good on his walk of course and I took Gwen back to the shelter, shes not the happiest of kitties at the moment. Found out that Layla has a yea left to find a home. They reason it as shes going crazy living in a cage over a year. I say they don't do enough for her. Get courtesy posts, let other volunteers walk her after they walk her with Mike or I a couple times. Gonna try to get in contact with boxer rescues, Mike doesn't care what state their in, he'll drive her there. How can you just let yourself fail at your mission statement? Tracy made Layla a facebook page even to try and save her life. Went to Ralphs again then went over to Lizs to hang out. We talked and chilled and I coughed. Got home and had a headache. Went to bed early even since had get up early. Did find out that David would pick me up from the shelter.

Friday walked Ralph at 8:00am. Then went to the UDF until the shelter opened at 9:00am. Found out that the person for Gwen probably isn't a good match at all. Cleaned cages, took the tylanol Liz gave me. And the dogs got out more often than they ever have in the morning cuz I just kept rotating them. Showed Ceria how I got Layla out under control. Its called calmness and relaxation. Hehehe. Mostly. That and Layla knows what she can and cannot get away with. But gave her lots of love since I couldn't walk her. David picked me up and we got a bag of cat food and went to walk Ralph then he brought me home and left for his house. I showered, packed, and felt like crap again. He came back, forgot my bag (hehe) but we went to Ralph then to Family Dollar, then home where I crawled into bed, magic mattress on and blanket and pillows used. Was SICK!!! Went to bed at 9:00pm.

Saturday and Sunday I slept. ALOT! I know I had tea, water, and sprite. I know I had fruit and soup. I know I read a bit. Other than that, sleep.

Monday woke up and David took me to Ralph. Slept some more. Went to Ralph again then came home and got computer set up.

Tuesday walking Ralph and seeing Liz and David. Wednesday walking Ralph. Ta!

little pinch
Friday went to walk Ralph at 1:00pm. Short walk of course. Came back home and tried to call Michelle to no luck. Showered and tried to call Liz, didn't work. Wow, no luck with phone calls, hehe. Relaxed and got a couple shows off the dvr until left to go tto Regans. We took the boys snowboarding on this hill nearby, they are actually pretty good at it. I did laugh alot when they fell (no one got hurt). All three of them were cold and had layers on, I wasn't cold and I just had my sweats, tshirt and coat on, makes me laugh. Gotta talk to Becky for a little bit which was great! Regan and I talked (of course). Didn't talk to Melanie. Went and read before going to sleep.

Saturday up early and home early. Took a shower, packed, fed the cat, and went to Davids. We went thrifting. Got a writing pad. Went looking for refills and didn't find any. Curled up a bit then he went to fix dinner and I took down notes. We ate then went to bed. Sunday went thrifting again then to WalMart and found a better business notebook, though no refills yet. Hehe. Got home and made some basic business cards. Also, set up a number from google. Schweetness!!!!

Monday walked Ralph in the afternoon, it was sunny out so went for a walk. Came home and watched a Dog Whisperer. Went to take care of Ralph againg at 5:00pm. He was so darn full of energy! I mean he pulled on the leash and seemed to have springs in his legs! He was feeling darn dang good, hehehe. Came home and talked to my brother. Was actually a step or two ahead of him, hehe. Talked to Regan. Also talked to Liz and Cori. Watched House and took my shower. Watched Raw and gotta talk to Melanie and get house phone hooked up. Hoping to talk to David.

Tuesday walking Ralph, Rome, and Layla then going to Davids. Wednesday walking Ralph. Ta!

little pinch
Tuesday woke up and showered before leaving for the day. Walked Ralph and gave him his treat then left for the shelter. Walked Layla first of course. I fell, whats sad is that Layla was not pulling at the time, it was just the snow. LOL! But I did leash loop her for the rest of the walk simply for saftey so she wouldn't pull. Right outside the shelter we ran into a new volunteer walking another dog so let him go in first. (Layla did good) We have a shepard mix so I walked him around the block. Pulls alot and wants to pee on everything. Got around to the shelter again and the new volunteer guy asked if I was a staff member. I said no, I'm just a volunteer. He then said that Amy wouldn't let him walk Layla (Layla is Staff Walk Only) I told him I could walk her because I had proven that I can handle her in any situation we've been in. Walked Rome for a bit longer than normal. He did good. I love being able to let him off leash and not have to worry about him, its wonderful! Went back to the shelter afterwards and talked with Jourdan and Kyle and loved on some kittys until I left for Ralph again. He just went in the backyard this time, too cold for his tastes. Went to Davids and curled up under the blankets until we left to get food. Came home to more blankets and pizza. Sleep came early dangit. Got up on Wednesday and went to walk Ralph. Ate some lunch and napped. Got pounceded nicely. Heh.

Thursday bit less running around. Talked to Julie. Got taken to walk Ralph. Came back home and had some lunch. Taken to Romes house. Took him for his walk and talked to Liz. Walked Layla a bit. When we came back Jourdan was letting Zeke and Abagail come in and Kindred was about. Abby came up to us and so did Kindred. Layla did surprisingly well in fact. One might actually say good, hehe. Went to Ralph again. Talked to Cori on the way home and ate dinner and talked to Michelle. Went over to Lizs and hung out with her and another Michelle. Had fun talking and laughing. Came home and watched TNA, Matt is on there with Jeff now. Talked to Regan. Hoping to talk to David tonight.

Friday is walking Ralph, talking to Michelle, seeing Liz spending night with Regan. Saturday is with David. Sunday same. Ta!

2nd week
little pinch
Weekend was pretty calm actually. Saturday went to a new dog park off of Whittier with my brother and Marley. Its pretty cool, has agility equimptment, should tell Meredith about it just for fun. Wanna take Miracle there and see what she thinks of it, hehe. Just needs to be no dogs for my comfort, specially no retrievers. Maybe a couple other pits, like Zeke, Moses, and Holiday. Theres noe for small dogs and one for large dogs. He seemed to be on the curve with maybe doing my own thing and is willing to help perhaps. After that went to Lizs and helped clean. She did most of it. I just did dishes, sweeping/mapping, and vaccuming. Watched Worlds Dumbest and ate pizza. Took shower and went to Davids. We chilled. Went out quickly for food and spent the rest of the day inside. He went to bed earlier so I went online and looked up a few things. Sent a resume for a couple jobs. Sunday went to Kennel Club USA and we picked up his mom from the airport and we went to Frishes Big Boy. David and I spent the rest of my time over there curled up together, us and the cats.

Monday woke up and watched Dog Whisperer. Liz called so I talked to her for a bit. Left to walk Ralph. Went for a walk since he felt like it. Came home and relaxed, even napped! Left again for Ralphs at 5:00pm. Went for another walk, very bouncy 13 year old Dobie. Came home, ate, showered. Watched dvd and Liz called. Gonna try to call Melanie, hopefully soon. And Davids gonna call me.

Tuesday walking Ralph, Layla, Rome, and Ralph again. Going to Davids. Wednesday walking Ralph. Ta!

One extra
little pinch
Lets see. Tuesday I went over to Ralphs to walk him. Got there at 1pm exactly and found out, I might wanna get there a bit early, still took him for a walk to stretch his legs and it was nice out. Got hit on at the bus stop. Got to the shelter, and walked Layla. She was her normal bouncy self. She is liking to get snuggled more on walks though, maybe cuz its cold. Walked Rome at 3:00pm and he was good like always. Took off the leash at High St. and we just walked together to his house. Hung around the cats upstairs to make sure Gwen still liked me and she did. Petted Zeke and Abagail. Went back to walk Ralph and got there at 5:30pm. He likes that time. Just prancing away. Very good with the mailman, we met him and Ralph was very polite, sticking his nose out for a quick sniff and rub. Got to Davids around 6:00pm, sooner than I thought. We mostly talked while he worked on stuff. Did go out to get a few things. I fell asleep before he did. Wednesday got up to walk Ralph at 12:45pm, did great. This time we met a cat, so hes good with them. Hehehe. Got back to Davids and he continued work and I relaxed with the cats. Did get lots of cuddling time during breaks which was good.

Thursday went to walk Ralph. This is the first time I've EVER had someone turn around and walk away and go somewhere else with their dog. I told Ralph that either this guy had a huge fear of dobermans, or his Boxer was absolutely viscious. Never happened to me before and I walk pit bulls. Came back home for a bit then headed to the shelter to walk Layla the ever bouncy. Walked Rome next, I did have to reattach the leash twice. Once because I saw a retriever /spaniel mix lunging and barking toward a person and there is no way I'm walking right next to a dog who does that, so I crossed the street. Was able to detach leash a couple houses down. He was on loosh leash anyways. The other time was right next to his house. A little black dog was pulling and barking at us, so I just walked through Romes yard. That was a bit tougher for him. Got to the porch and told him to sit then removed the leash. Got Gwen along with a bag of food and a few more toys and a scoop. Brought her home and she has made my room, her room. Then headed back out to walk Ralph again. Took 50 minutes. Got there after 6:00pm and he was sssooooo good! No mess and went right out to his tree and went and came back inside and laid on his bed! This was also the day he first took a treat from my hand. Spent some time with Gwen before being picked up by John to hang out with him and Cori.

Friday woke up early and took John to work, then we took Cori to her doctors. Met up with John for lunch at the Happy Dragon then had to go walk Ralph. Was cold out but he still wished for a very tiny walk so he got one. Didn't wanna go back inside though. Got $40. Paid my mom back some for bus pass. Cori and I hung out with one of her friends at the house until we had to pick up John and they brought me home. Cori gotta meet Gwen though. Light electric ghost green eyes. Went over to Lizs and helped her out. Showered, watched Smackdown, talked to David and then talked to Melanie.

Saturday walking Marley with my brother, helping Liz again and going to Davids. Sunday is with David. Ta!

Here are a couple pics of Gwen:

And another:

Yay Dobermans!!!!
little pinch
Friday Cori and John and I exchanged gifts, well, they got me a pit bull calender and I gave them a card. One of the icky things about not having job, no money. My month has one that looks like Junior but is black. We hung out and had fun. Watched Wolverine: Orgins. Also heard from Lisa, a woman who owns a Doberman, said she'd text me on Sunday. Went over to Davids around 7:00pm. Had stir fry. Didn't know I could pack more food in after tacos. We watched Alexander (Colin Ferrel and Jared Leto) and toasted in the New Year with champange at midnight.

Saturday went shopping. Talked to Regan and my mom to wish them a happy new year. Watched Harry Potter 3. Still my favorite one so far, both book and movie. Had some fun. Sunday turned on cell phone kinda early, luckily because Lisa had texted me already asking me if we could meet at 4:30pm. Of course I said yes! So met up and we walked Ralph (the Doberman) together and talked a bit. Went inside afterwards and talked some more. We both asked lots of questions, which I liked. So I think that David might of wanted to slip me a sleeping pill, I wanted me to just to calm down. Thank goodness Cori showed me how to use google calender. I also have it written on my pit bull one. Got horrible sleep Sunday night.

Monday woke up and got ready for the day. Left early so I could get my bus pass. Got there a bit early but at first the key wouldn't turn so ran to UDF to call Lisa to let her know. Finally figured out what I had to do to make the key behave and took Ralph for a walk. Happy doggy. Didn't wanna go back inside though, hehe. Called Lisa from UDF again to let her know Ralph was good ad happy. Went to Davids and then we came to my house and looked at the car. There is a short in the 'courtesy lights' Gotta look that up. But we started her again and she did fine. Coughed a bit though. Called Shirley to let her know about dog walking. She was happy, brother wasn't too thrilled though since its not a 9-5 job. David took me back over to walk Ralph at 6:00pm then we went to Kroger and Target. Came back home and went to Lizs. Had fun talking with her. Watched Raw, talked to Melanie tonight. Might talk with David.

Tuesday I walk Ralph at 1:00pm. Walk Rome and Layla at 2:00/3:00pm. Walk Ralph again at 6:00pm, then go to Davids. Wednesday I walk Ralph at 1:00pm. Thursday I walk Ralph at 1:00pm. Walk Rome and Layla at 2:00/3:00pm. Walk Ralph at 6:00pm. And I have Gwen (maybe) for a couple weeks. Ta!

Last of 2010
little pinch
Monday didn't do a whole bunch until the evening. David picked me up around 8:30pm and we went to Red Lobster to eat. Got a pasta with shrimp, crab, and lobster, yums! Went home and vegged out, if only cuz of full tummies. Tuesday actaully woke up kinda early for being over there. But got to the shelter around 2:30pm to walk Layla. Was a short walk. Went to walk Rome but no one was home. Actually walked Zeke for the first time. Spent half the time in the shelter holding Eva who was all happy to see me. Met Abagail, thinking about walking Zeke and Abby together. Maybe add Mickey into there. It'd be my first time walking a pack of shelter dogs but all are friendly. Spent some time with the cats as well, still was thinking about who to foster for a week or two. Found out Layla can't be adopted by the father and son because they don't have a fence. After the shelter went thrifting and got a couple shirts and sweats. Got some baseboard heaters and grabbed a bite to eat from McDonalds. Had Molly curl up under the covers with me for a bit. Wednesday morning David built a fire and was wonderful! Brought the blanket down and ended up falling asleep in front of it,so warm. Mostly a relaxing day. Went to WalMart and then went home.

Thursday woke u and showered. My mom and I went out to eat and I got packed. John came to pick me up around 3:45pm and Cori and I been hanging out since. They got me a pit bull calender. My month has a cute litle black one that, besdies being black, looks like Junior, who is a blue. Thanks to lookig at the shelter cats, am hoping that Amy and Jourdan will let me foster Gwen, a white cat with sea foam green/blue eyes for a couple weeks.

Friday Cori and I will hang out, John will take me over to Davids around 6 or 7pm and we'll spend New Years Eve together. And I'll be over there all weekend. Ta!

white insanity
little pinch
Well, we had a mostly white christmas. Had snow on the ground, and snow in the air. Friday woke up early with Eva and took her outside, I gave up on the collar and leash wearing by the afternoon. Topaz didn't want anything to do with her. We set up the Christmas tree and went to church with family. Had to come home really quick to let the puppy out and then went to China Dynasty for dinner. There was actually room around our table for once, which was nice. After dinner went to brother and Lisas to exchange gifts with them. Got a butterfly shaped crystal and a picture of Ian framed. Came home and took the dogs out. Sorta watched Smackdown but mostly watched Eva. Hey, 8 week old puppies are entertaining. Afterwrds, took her out again and more play. She did have an accident in the house though. Called David right after midnight then watched one of the Christmas cartoons before taking the puppy out one last time and attempting to get her to sleep in the chair. She wanted to be a big dog and sleep on the blankets between the chairs with her toys.

Saturday woke up early....again to take Eva out. Then we played and napped for about 15 minutes before Jerry got up and I let the puppy get my mom up, hehehe. We exchanged presents. Got a gift card to Kohls, Wolverine: Orgins dvd, The Ninth Gate dvd, and a portable dvd player. We also finally have a new dvd player!!! Got our stockings, Topaz was nice enough to share the treats with Eva while she was here. Had dinner over at John and Bevs. Since I guess everything was running late had to come home a few times to take care of the dogs. Did get to walk Marley with my brother which was nice to do. Finally home at 7:30pm. Called David and Regan. David and I went to Waffle House for a snack cuz we woulda fallen asleep if we had gone over to the house. So got back home around 9:30 and took Eva out. We played a bit outside, she liked to run back and forth in the backyard chasing me. She was very good after we watched both shows of How the Grinch Stole Christmas in letting me know she had to go out. Actually got 4 hours of straight sleep that night, new puppy record!

Sunday woke up at 7:30am totally (Had taken Eva out at 5:30am) Watched the rest of the Christmas cartoons. Took Eva back to the shelter at 2pm and said hi to Layla. We went to Jennifers house, ended up napping mostly. Then to his parents house, more awake. Came home and watched an old Unforgiven on the portable dvd player and watched most of Sense and Sensibility. Actually heard from both Alex this week and Andy. This amuses me. Watched my last episode of Pit bulls and Parolees. Really freaky one. They had brought to Villalobos a creamated dog, it had died in Katrina I think cuz it had a rabies tag on its pink harness for 2005. The whole place fell silent for a moment then all the pit bulls started to howl at once for a few minutes then quiet again.

Monday I gotta sleep in my own bed last night!!!!!!! And actually sleep an entire night!!!! Gonna head to Davids today.

Tuesday am walking Rome and Layla. Wednesday nada. Thursday to Cori and Johns. Ta!


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