little pinch
Tuesday woke up, showered, and chilled until time to go and walk Rome. As usual he did good. Was off leash most of the walk. Gotta talk to Liz as well. We only heard dogs barking though, didn't see any except the beagle across the street. Jogged with him again. Afterwards, helped Tori clean, we're gonna start doing it on just Tuesdays now that we're a bit caught up. I talked to her about me wanting to know what I was doing different with Rome on and off elash since he still pulls a bit when on leash. She said that was cool with her. Went to the shelter and walked Layla for a bit, we just enjoyed being outside on such a nice day. Walking in sunshine, woo woo! Hehehe. Since had to wait a bit more decided to walk Hooka, a shepard/boxer mix with a guy who was walking Tamale, a redtick hound. We walked around the block a couple of times. David came and got me and we went to Kroger before going to my house. Found out the car part doesn't quite fit my car. Stupid universal parts, grrr. He says he can fix it though. Went to another Kroger and got what we needed and went home. We went to Chipoltles for dinner then came home and just flopped. Played with the cats a bit, Mollys become quite obsessed with the toy and WeHo likes it lots too. Some fun and then sleep. Wednesday laid about and napped mostly. I found out I offically offically have the pet sitting job now. Lots of bouncing in between napping. Went to pick Miracle up, she put on some pounds. She said hi to my mom and Topaz then took her upstairs. Didn't walk her much cuz of the rain.

Thursday found out Ians sick with a virus, poor baby. Didn't get to walk Rome or Layla today. I did get to Petco and Miracle was a very well behaved doggy of course. Prime example of her breed. Was LOOKING for attention from other people this time, hehehe. Gotta see Liz for a bit. Took Miracle for a hour walk, she been napping on and off since. Watched TNA and hopefully will talk to David tonight. Gota reply from the trainer, he just said call me. This could be either really good, or really bad or just really embarrassing.

Friday getting pills and going to doggy park maybe. Long walks. Smackdown. Saturday Mikes picking up Miracle. Might see David. Sunday getting more wedding stuff with Regan at 11:00am. Ick on time. Ta!

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little pinch
Friday woke up at 11am, which through my lil brain off wack, but thats ok, hehe. Cori and I went to the bread store and Target first. Then went to meet Amy and Austin at Austins school. Cori and Amy talked to teacher and I helped Austin clean out his desk and found out he wants to be a vet. When we went to Subway for lunch I asked Amy if it was ok, if Austin might walk Rome and maybe Ralph with me. She said she trusted my judgement on these dogs so yes. Hes good with animals and I've gotten Rome to where basically what he listens to is calm leadership so if I can get him using that consistantly with a powerful breed dog (Chow/Lab mix) then perhaps it can transfer into other areas of life, as well as be a fun reward. After that Cori and I met John at the airport then we went home to drop him off and Cori and I went shopping for food. Got back in time to relax a bit, hehe. Helped Cori straighten some things out and got home around 10pm. Showered, watched Raw, activated cell phone and talked to Melanie.

Saturday had the bounce cuz I had money to buy minute plan on phone. David came over around 5pm and looked at some stuff online about the phone then we left to go thrifting. Didn't get much but always fun to look around. Went home and had Italian chicken for dinner. yum! Went to Giant Eagle to get majority of shopping done spent rest of time at home. Got my monthly plan and also found out I got the pet sitting job!!! Sunday woke up kinda late, but then got to bed late so it works out. Molly has become obsessed with the cat toy. WeHo even seems to get into it after a bit, hehe. Total entertainment. Got a text of Rae asking if I was free April 30th so might watch the animals then. Did the rest of the shopping eventaully. But mostly stayed at home in the bed, enjoying the time lapse. Its nice. Did go home around 1:30am.

Monday woke up. Gathered laundry for later and eventually tried calling Liz, no answer, so didn't get to see her today as planned. Someone called about me ept sitting but its during the week I'm working for Rae and Jeff and I can;'t be in two places at once. Finally in the evening was able to call people. Tried Rae first, confirmed that I will come over Tuesday March 15th at 6:30pm to go through their feeding/evening routine. Got a hold of Cori and let her know that didn't need to go on Thursday. Tried getting a hold of Mike a few times, didn't work at all so I dunno whats going on with Miracle. Finally got a hold of Liz, but only could talk for a bit cuz of other phone calls and after that David was home. Took my shower, watched Smackdown, talked to Melanie and hoping to talk to David tonight.

Tuesday walking Rome and cleaning. Car will be worked on hopefully. Going to Davids. Wednesday probably pick up Miracle and have her til Saturday. Got a few pics of when she first arrived at the shelter, before I met her.

with her broken leg

the puppy version

again with the look

Rome = Awesomeness
little pinch
Tuesday went early to walk Rome so as to get maximim cleaning time afterwards. Just took Rome one block over, all the way down, and back. Right after I let him off leash found out a dog was tied up outside. Called Rome to me and slightly held onto his collar and walked him past the dog, while encouraging him. Did really good, no pulling and paid attention to me. Bit up the street a lady was walking her water dog so I decided to leave Rome off leash and cross the road. He did stop in his tracks and stare at the half grown pup. Clipped the leash on him and gave a couple light tugs then dropped the leash and he followed with encouragement. We've never practiced walking past dogs out of te house or not behind a fence off leash before so he did awesome!!! We did jog the last bit again, he seems to enjoy going a bit faster. Helped Tori clean for two hours. Did the kitchen and breakfast nook and pantry. Walked Layla for about 20 minutes. Michelle called me and we talked while I visited Gwen in the kitty condo thewhile I was outside waiting for David. David and I went shopping for food and went back to my house real quickly. Had dinner and he worked on stuff ad I played with the cats. Then sleep. Wednesday was food. Get car part, and lots of naps. Needed them apparently. Got the cell phone David ordered for me!!!

Thursday went early to walk Rome again and clean. This time let him off leash much earlier. The shop Pearls of Wisdom have two Maltese or toy poodles. They charged and jumped on the door, barking and growling. Rome kinda took a step back and toward me and gave the dogs a look like "what the hell?!?!?" Called him continue walking. We did the whole jogging bit again, I think I'll do that each timem until it gets too hot. We did a load of laundry and tidied up the dining and living room. I guess Rae is calling my references today. Meredith and Liz at least. Gotta hang out with Liz today for a bit. Got over to Cori and Johns around 9:30pm. Will hopefully talk to David around midnight.

Friday will do some chores with Cori. Saturday and Sunday with David. Ta!


little pinch
Friday Cori and I woke up early and went to the doctors. Did well and gotta see some stuff. Then we went over to Amys and helped out getting the boys cleaned up and doing laundry and trash. Amy was sleeping cuz shes been sick but Aaron was there. Afterwards we had lunch and went to Target, Staples and WalMart. Finally got the stuff at WalMart. Small trashcan and asprin and bookbag. Then we went home for a bit before picking John up. Came back and got ready for interview. Met Jeff and Rae, their 4 dogs and 7 indoors and 5 outdoor kittys. Hopefully they will hire me to pet sit for them near the end of March. Only bad thing is they specifically DON"T want me to walk their dogs since they don't know how to walk properly and have seperation anxiety. Yeesh! Thought about charging more just for being stuck with 4 dogs with no energy outlet, not gonna though. John took Cori and I out for Chinese afterwards then brought me home. Showered, watched Smackdown and got online.

Saturday woke up and packed for until Monday. Went to the library to give back Order of the Phoenix. David also ordered me my own cell phone from tmobile. More a business phone than anything. David got here around 9:00pm and theres a chance my car has something up with the brakelight pedal switch. grrr. Went back to his house after grabbing some grub. He worked on some things and then it was just us. Sunday woke up and had food and just relaxed and did nothing which was kinda nice. Eventually that night we did have to get up because I had to get to John and Coris house. Which I did around 10:30pm. Enough time to say hi to everyone and see a bit of the award show.

Monday woke up kinda early but also on my own. Went to doctor and then over to Amys, gotta see her for a bit then came home. Fixed some mac-n-cheese for lunch and took a nap, hehe. Showered and then more of nothing. Fixed dinner (chicken and rice) and then came home. Did a load of laundry, tried calling Michelle (no luck at that for the last two weeks), I did get a hold of Mike and Harry and Maria. Watched Raw, talked to Melanie and hopefully will talk to David and then Regan.

Tuesday David might come over in the morning to work on the car. Walking Rome and cleaning then probably will walk Layla. Going over to Davids. Wednesday either David or Cleveland. Ta!

short and sweet
little pinch
Tuesday Tori got a hold of me early saying she was sick so I didn't walk Rome or clean. Also didn't walk Layla either. Left for Davids around 3:30pm. Got over there and we went out trying to find an Auto book for my car. Didn't have success. Went to Kroger to get a few thing then had Subway for dinner. Back home, napped, romped, then worked on a few things and read. Sleep came around dawn. Slept and relaxed the majority of Wednesday. Read too. Finally got up and got McDonalds then went home.

Thursday David had found out the he'd probably have to take the whole dashboard off to get to the switch so we're gonna wait until the manual comes to us. Went to the shelter, always fun when new staff members see me, the look I get when I say I'm walking Layla. She did pretty good on the walk. Pulled, but thats normal. She was gonna with just walking by a few dogs, one actually made her bounce and bark but got that stopped quickly. Then walked Rome. Just walked him down the side street. But the whole way back he was off leash, its nice to be able to challenge him in different areas. We jogged the last part back, he started to go ahead once but thats it so he did great! We have planned for walking and cleaning Tuesday because Sarah is sick and Tori doesn't want me getting sick as well. Talked to Julie for a bit. Went over to Lizs house and hung out with her. Took a shower, packed, and went through my tshirts and tank tops so I had a bag of those for donations. John and Cori came to pick me up, JT was with. Cori an I have just chilled tonight. Talked to David a bit early and mostly talked about business.

Friday with Cori. Saturday with David. Sunday the same. Ta!

little pinch
Friday gotta wake up a bit later than normal cuz John was taking Amys van and so Cori and I took their van. This one is a bit easier to park at, no garage. Yay! Very quick in their which was ncie, then we went to lunch at McDonalds, then went to Target to pick up a few things then the library to return stuff then gotta go home. Had to leave soon after to Amys. Found out she lives near Ralph, which was kinda cool. So hung out there for a bit. Then back to their house to hang out a bit. Went home about 10:30pm. Watched Smackdown and tried to call Melanie. I did get to talk to David.

Saturday up early and ready to go. David got here around 4pm. We put the windshield wipers on and we drove to Browns. Got tires. 195/70/14 so new numbers to memorize. Drove home and then to Davids. Went to meet Patty at Johnny Rockets for dinner. Came home for a bit then went to The Garden but the one girl wasn't there. Sunday we chilled most of the day. Watched Repoman. Pretty good movie. We drove around and got dinner at Steak n Shake. Napped and then came home.

Monday woke up and picked Cori up. We came back here and started on my room. Took a while and we did take a break for lunch. Lots of work done. Almost done with laundry. She ate dinner with us. Was kinda nice hanging out together on an odd day of the week. Now to keep up with it, though I have Cori to keep me on track until it get to be routine. Saw Liz fora bit, showered, watched Raw, and called Melanie. Hoping to talk to David tonight.

Tuesday walking Rome and Layla and cleaning. Then going to Davids. Wednesday just with David. Ta!

Reeking of Awesomeness!!!!!
little pinch
Tuesday got the books Lizs mom gave me.Still have to read them, been busy. Went to the shelter and walked Layla. Ran into Mike while walking and gave me the check. Went for the walk I normally take Rome on so she was happy. We passed a couple dogs, one large and one small. She did good with each. Only acted up once they passed. Am thinking she wants to meet and play with other dogs but we've got to give her that chance if we want her to be social. Went to walk Rome afterwards. Took off the leash after maybe 10 minutes of walking. Longest time hes been off leash. Only had to reattach it twice. Once when men were working and making lots of noise and once when I saw another dog nearby.Both times I just attached and let him know I was there and then dropped the leash. It was awesome to be able to walk him that way that long. Went to Davids afterwards. Got apartment addresses and pricings for the girl at the Garden. Went shopping and thrifting. Ate dinner and thought about sleeping but didn't. I went to bed around 5:30am, him later. Wednesday didn't do a whole lot cept sleep. Picked up Kate and Nick. Tried to get to Payless but didn't work.

Thursday visited Liz for a bit. Put on my car sticker. Now I just need tires. My mom actually walked Rome with me today. Ran into the lady who has two chows and a flat coated retriever. She is looking for a full me job and I offered to walk her dogs. She said maybe and I gave her my info, so we'll see. Also gonna help Tori try to keep up with the clutter until tax season is over, so I'll get a few extra bucks there. Life be looking up up up! Got back home and went back over to Lizs. Came back home and found out another person walks Layla Mon, Wed, Friday and some Saturdays. Its for a senior project but shes planning on continuing with Layla. We work her the same way it sounds like. Hopefully we'll meet up one Saturday afternoon and walk her together. SQUEENESS!!!! So a bit more money, a car, and someone else with Layla. :D Over at Cori and Johns now.

Friday taking Cori to appointment. Saturday over to Davids. Sunday same. Ta!

Happy Valentines Day!
little pinch
Friday went to see The Kings Speech with my mom. Good movie, was laughing quite a bit. Still can't get the image of Timothy Spall as Wormtail. He played Winston Churchill in the movie. I will just conclude this to mean he is a good actor. I really do like Geoffery Rush. And I heard Queen Elizabeth likes the movie, which would be good considering its about her dad. Chilled at home for a bit then went over to Lizs to hang out and talk. Watched Smackdown and talked to David.

Saturday showered and packed. Harry and Maria called so made plans to meet up with them later. David picked me up in the afternoon and we grabbed some stuff needed for the car and priced a switch I might need. Met up with Harry and Maria and tehn we went to Cup O Joes and talked for a bit. Was nice, gotta see the Mustang and pics of the new kitty they have. Went to the Chamber and Garden, I can put business cards there! Gonna try to find apartments for this one girl who works there. Had just a grand time though very little sleep. Sunday was very much the same, had wonderful time together. Went to Regans to deliver her laptop which she was very happy to have back, hehehe. Chatted with her and John for a bit then went home.

Monday I have done nothing. Stayed home. Talked to Liz and Cori. Forgot to call Michelle though. Tried starting my car up. IT LIVES!!!!! David cut the fuse that had a short in it and left the battery hooked up Saturday. Before we discovered this, it only took a day for my battery to die. I did have to try a couple times but it started and moved forward and back and stopped nicely. So yeah, I have a HUGE happy!!! Watched Raw, hoping to talk to David and Melanie tonight.

Tuesday walking Layla and Rome and then going to Davids. Hoping to get tires Wednesday. Ta!

little pinch
Tuesday early wake up again, argh! Not the dogs fault, just my body going, oh look, wake up now. Was cold, but alright. Miracle and I just chilled all day cept for our walks. This whole loosh leash and breathing thing seems to work though I only tried it out that day. Mike was able to pick her up in the evening. She was happy to see him of course. David called to let me know the electricty had gone from the house so no heat. So went to the library and got a couple books and started to read. Watched Dog Whisperer. Talked to David again, yay!

Wednesday woke up around 11:30. Yay! David called me. I showered and packed. He got his stuff together and picked me up around 4:30pm. Got some Subway and went to Kroger. Ran into Bobbie with Mia and spent a bit of time talking with her and catching up whcih was great! Then we went thrifting at a couple places and went back home. Relaxed together for a while then went to bed. Thursday woke up and pounced. Went to go walk Rome but no one was home. Went thrifting then to home and called Tori to let her know that I did show up. Rest of the day was wonderful. Hes almost done (hopefully) with Regans computer, its having trouble with a couple things.

Friday seeing The Kings Speech and hanging out with Liz. Saturday am going to Davids. Sunday same. Ta!

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little pinch
Ok then. Weekend went a bit different than planned. Friday went to Petco with Miracle. She did great, earned her a new kong wubba toy. Didn't see alot of people or any dogs, but guy came rushing up behind her and she just looked at him then back at me and stayed sitting. Brooke, one of the trainers saw us there and she gave Miracle some treats and petted her, rubbing ears and chest. Miracle was sad to see her go! Hehehe. Yesh, strangers are good things. Went to Pearls of Wisdom with Liz. Came home. Later that night went to Davids. Between a bunch of walking on ice, and a warm bed I fell asleep the entire time.

Saturday didn't do a whole lot. Mostly everyone was downstairs at the same time cept for dinner and the little bit I wanted to curl up. Went to church and managed to leave at the end before being spotted so I was able to walk home. Managed to talk to Liz online.

Sunday chilled around the house again. Wasn't able to see Josh change of plans happened there. Found out that John Burroughs school play area and be closed up so I can let Miracle off leash to run around in a huge area. Found out even over a big distance, at least 50 feet, she'll come when called, hehe. The 'Wait' command has really evolved into a more generalized, stop for now and wait til I say 'ok'. Gotta see David Sunday night. Watched some Dr. Who, the newest or the second to last one, last 2 episodes.

Monday woke up, gotta relaz at home and be all by myself for once this whole week!!! Gave some cards to my vet. Hung out with Liz this evening. Came back and took Miracle to the school again and talked to Michelle the entire time, hehehe. Showered, watched Raw, and talked to Melanie.

Tuesday Miracle is going back with Mike in the evening. Probably see David. Wednesday nada. Ta! Oh, pics from my mom camera. Both of the animals and Ian, my nephew.
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